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How to become a high paid female escort in the UK - the complete guide.

You landed on this page for a reason. You want to make more of yourself. You want to experience adventures, be desired and earn good money. Becoming an escort is a way to leave boredom behind, to breathe more life into your everyday life – and into your wallet. But on the way to becoming a female escort there are a lot of things to consider, common mistakes to avoid, to get the best possible deal for you in the end.

This website gives you all the information you need. If you are completely clueless so far, after reading this you will have a clear idea of the escort profession and how to get there – if you actually want it. If you have already read up a little, all the little pieces of the mosaic will come together to form a harmonious whole.

Of course, wanting to become an escort and gathering all available information is only the first step. This is followed by the question: Are you suitable at all? Would you be a good escort? To find out, you have the opportunity to take a test after reading this. This is certainly not exhaustive and cannot replace personal experience with an escort service, but it will at least give you a first hint.

If you master this task, you can then use the agency check to find the agency or platform that is most suitable for you. It makes little sense to apply to any escort service – you must also take your personal circumstances (place of residence, age, professional circumstances, mobility, etc.) into account when making your selection.
Afterwards, it is up to you whether you really want to go through with the project of how to become an escort and apply or leave it as a dream.

I. Definition

Some say escort lady, others escort lady or escort girl / lady. Often also just briefly Escort. They are just names that all mean the same thing: a female escort spends time with a mostly male client for a fee. This can be a hotel visit, travel or manager escort or accompaniment to cultural events. The date can be short or long, it can include a visit to a restaurant or the opera.

What kind of men use an escort service

The clientele depends largely on the platform a lady works with and what kind of client base that agency has. There are some services that call themselves escort agencies and their business model is essentially this: The women work shifts at the brothel and then take appointments out of town. It is clear that meetings of this kind are mainly pure sex dates. The booking durations are accordingly short and rarely longer than an hour – sometimes even only 30 minutes. There is nothing wrong with this. Just as there is nothing objectionable about a lady wanting to work in a brothel.

But this is not escorting.


  • do not work as an escort as their main occupation but as a part-time job
  • only accept a manageable number of dates
  • only accept dates that last at least over 2 hours
  • consider themselves to be more than mere love servants. They are educated, self-confident and have strong communication skills and can put a stamp on the date that goes beyond the purely sexual.

The service described above is expensive and can only be used by a small group. These are mainly business people, entrepreneurs, diplomats and managers in high-ranking positions.

II Working as an escort or as a prostitute?

That depends on what you bring to the table. Are you just good looking or can you seduce men beyond a physical level? Do you want to meet men in a brothel or would you rather meet them in a fine hotel or restaurant? Working as a prostitute usually involves many short meetings, while escorts have few long dates. Do you want to meet 10 men in one day or 2-3 in a week? These are questions you have to figure out for yourself.

III. Checklist of requirements for escort ladies

  • Attractiveness. An escort lady knows herself and understands how to get the maximum out of what was given to her. She eats healthy and keeps her body fit. Not every escort lady has to be a supermodel. However, it is a fact that the majority of clients prefer slim women.
  • Style. Every date and every situation can create new environments. The elegant black dress that was a hit at the opera can be too much at the artist’s vernissage. An attractive lady has many faces and knows how to adapt appropriately.
  • Conversation. We don’t want to exaggerate and fall into old-fashioned idioms. No, this is not about having read the 1887 Etiquetteer. But being broadly read, being able to contribute to a wide variety of topics and also to pick up the daily newspaper from time to time – that is certainly part of it.
  • Self-confidence. Escort clients are looking for ladies at eye level who know how to behave appropriately in any situation and can also express this.
  • Openness. Are you really interested in getting to know your counterpart? You’ve probably noticed how it is in many conversations: one person is talking and the other is just waiting eagerly for the moment when he/she can finally get started and tell his/her opinion/story. Often there is no real interest in an exchange. This is the opposite of a cultivated conversation and empathy is not possible under these circumstances because one does not really absorb the words of the other person. Listening is openness and an art that has become rare. An escort lady with body and soul understands this art and knows how to really listen and understand.
  • Fun with eroticism. No, it’s not just about sex. Nevertheless, many dates will include some kind of sex. If you basically can’t imagine getting intimate with a man you’ve only known for a short time, escort might not be the right job for you.
  • Mobility. Are you willing to travel to another city for a date? To travel abroad? Of course, most dates will be close to home, especially in the beginning. In the long run, however, you should be willing to travel, otherwise you will limit your possibilities in escorting.
  • Availability. Unlike many call girls, escorts only work part-time. Their main job is to work, study or do an apprenticeship. It is therefore clear that a lady cannot always be available and must also sometimes refuse a request. Nevertheless, she should be available at least a few evenings a week, otherwise it will be difficult to find suitable dates.

IV. Working as an escort - how does a date look like?

There is no such thing as the escort date. There is no blueprint or standard procedure. Remember: working as an escort means: spending time with a client. It is clear that this can take many different forms. It can be getting to know each other over a glass of wine followed by a visit to a hotel, it can mean a day trip to London or Prague. It can be that you first meet in a café or directly in the hotel room…

But fair question: you want to get an idea, you want to gather some impressions to be able to assess whether the whole escort thing can be something for you or not. Here’s an example of how a date can go.

It’s Tuesday evening. You come home from sports and are about to make yourself a snack. Your escort service calls (more on the agency below) and asks if you’re free for a 4-hour date with Thomas on Thursday evening. Thomas is in his mid-40s, an entrepreneur and will be in town for business. Your profile caught his attention and he wants to spend a nice evening with you. You check your calendar and confirm the date.

Thursday evening is approaching. You have chosen a discreet dark blue dress because Thomas likes the classic elegant style. You meet in a restaurant. Thomas greets you happily, says that you look even better than in the photos (you will hear this sentence often) and toasts you with a glass of wine. The meal lasts about one hour. You get to know each other, Thomas tells you a little about his business and worries and you talk about your last holiday. Thomas has already met a number of escorts and your entire conversation flows along lightly with humour. Thomas is obviously more and more taken with your charming ways and after a light dessert, he finally makes the suggestion to move the conversation to his hotel room at the Ritz….

Of course, it can also happen quite differently. Every escort lady is different, every client is different, every date is different. That’s why it’s so important that you’re not a one-dimensional personality, but that you combine a variety of interests.

V. Escort earnings and salary - a word about the financial side

Escort is without exaggeration probably the most lucrative side job in the world for young women. The fees range between £300 and £500 for two hours, or £800 and £1700 euros for a so-called overnight, where you spend the whole night with the client. The exact earnings depend on the escort service you work with.

Often there are several categories within the agencies, i.e. not all ladies earn the same amount. A common scale is silver, gold and platinum. A new lady starts in the silver category and can then slowly increase to gold and platinum.

What factors do my fees depend on?

  • The attractiveness of the lady. Tastes are different, some will say. That’s true, but there are simply ladies who have more requests and better chances than others simply because of their looks.
  • Charm. Under charm we want to subsume everything that goes beyond the purely external. A lady can be only averagely attractive on the outside, but still have more success in the long run than her colleagues who come closer to the common ideal of beauty. Charm is difficult to measure. Ultimately, it is the feedback/response of the clients that decides.
  • Locality. Now we’re getting unfair: how much money an escort earns also depends on where she lives. The same lady who earns £500 for two hours in London may make only £400 for two hours in a smaller city. This is simply because the price level for escorts in London is higher than in some other parts of the UK. Such local circumstances also play into it. Of course, a lady can say: “I definitely want to go to the highest category”. However, this wish makes little sense if the clients don’t go along with it and are not willing to pay more.
These are the three main factors. There are a few other things that play into it, but essentially it all boils down to these questions.
You have now got a first impression of what the work of an escort lady looks like. Let’s move on to the next big question: What exactly is the role of the agency and how do I find the right one?

2. What does an escort agency do?

I. Definition

Escort agency and escort service are terms used synonymously. Some hair-splitters will say: No, the escort service is the service that the lady provides. That may be correct legally and linguistically. In practice, clients and ladies use both words synonymously.

The role of the agency (or platform) is often misunderstood. New ladies often believe:

  • I work for the agency
  • I am employed by the agency
  • I have to do what the agency tells me to do

Here it is first important to understand that you never work for an agency. You work together. You have a mutually beneficial cooperation.

The real protagonists: this is you and this is the client.

Think of it this way: You are an extremely attractive and charming lady and you would like to rent out your time to wealthy clients. On the other hand, there are exactly these wealthy clients who would also like to meet you. The problem is: You know nothing about each other.

You live in Manchester, he lives in Liverpool. He doesn’t know anything about your existence, he doesn’t know that there is a great young lady somewhere up there who would like to meet him. But he knows an escort agency. And the escort agency in turn knows you.

(or platforms) are therefore the link between you and the client. They know
your wishes and the wishes of the client. And if the agency thinks from
experience that the two of you fit together, the date can be arranged.

In addition to the mediation function, the agency also takes care of your marketing. Your contacts at the agency know what customers are looking for and present you in the appropriate way. Furthermore, a good agency should be able to advise you on all important issues and also takes care of safety aspects during the date.

For these services, the agency collects a service commission, which is usually 30-40% of your fee. Commission payments above 40% are rarely justified and should be questioned.

Of course, a young escort lady does not necessarily need an agency. She can also market herself and become a so-called independent. The advantage is obvious: She does not have to pay a commission. For professional escorts who pursue the activity full-time, such an approach is definitely recommendable. For beginners it is rarely recommended:


  • Generating clients costs a lot of time and money in this highly competitive market. Without a professional web presence, an independent escort has almost no chance. In addition, there are considerable expenses for advertising and search engine optimization. A newcomer can expect to spend in the mid four-figure range in the first few months before the ball really starts rolling.
  • Communication. Clients want quick responses to requests. This cannot be provided by a lady who has another normal job or goes to university.
  • Safety. Good agencies have established procedures to ensure the safety of the ladies during the dates.
Without wanting to glorify the role of escort services here: At the beginning of her escort career, a lady is best off with an agency that has a good client base and takes her individual situation into consideration.
After 1-2 years, when you have gained experience and realize that escorting is your true vocation, you can start thinking about marketing yourself as an independent lady.


II. Recognising reputable escort services (platforms)

There are good and bad agencies on the market. Like everywhere else. When choosing agencies, pay attention to the following aspects
  • a professional website. The website is the flagship of an agency. It reflects the agency’s philosophy. If a site’s website looks cluttered and unprofessional – then the agency is probably the same. Look at other services
  • free profile creation. The initial sign up should not cost you anything.
  • A written agreement or GTC. The cooperation between lady and agency is based on trust. Nevertheless, important key points should be recorded in writing. Examples:
    • Define areas of responsibility of escort and agency
    • NO advance payments required
    • Discretion of the lady and the clients
    • amount of commission
    • termination without notice possible at any time without restrictions
    • security aspects

III. Application

You can find enough opportunities via google or via job and career offers. Modern agencies have an online application form where you can enter some basic data – e.g. age, nationality, height – and also attach 1-2 photos.

Use this simple option. Be honest with your data. Otherwise it will come out sooner or later and if you have to admit that you made yourself 5 years younger when you applied, this is not necessarily a good start for the cooperation with your escort agency.

A good platform will offer you some kind of app to take care of your profile, input your availability and also provide additional information for newcomers.

IV. Casting - the essential points

As already mentioned: A reputable agency carefully checks the profile of all candidates who apply as escorts – because these are their future partners (= the escort ladies). If the check goes well and the chemistry is right on both sides, the escort agency will ask you to confirm the cooperation agreement that regulates the future cooperation.

Pay attention to the points described above in the document. Nowadays, the cooperation agreement is often only available in digital form. This is not important. What is important is the content. You should go through the document carefully before proceeding.

You are absolutely sure that you want to become an elite escort and have signed the contract: The next step could be a photo shoot unless you already have great pictures. You should be in great shape for the photo shoot, have lost as many extra pounds as possible and bring several different outfits with you. The agency will discuss the outfits with you in detail beforehand. A shoot is expensive and nothing should be left to chance.

The outfits must of course suit you and put you in the best possible light. But they also have to fit the philosophy of the platform. The shooting will take a few hours and demand a lot from you, but it will also be a lot of fun. A good photographer knows exactly how to make the best of this session. Especially if it’s your first major photo session.

The photos are now ready and the best shots have been selected. Now it’s almost time for the shoot. The agency will prepare an attractive sedcard based on the photos and your profile information. Insist on being able to look at the sedcard again before it goes online. If the platform offers you an app to control everything on your own – that is even better. Mistakes can be corrected afterwards. But it is better to start right from the beginning… 

Congratulations! Your sedcard is now online.

V. What else you should look out for

Some agencies are very innovative and offer the ladies access to expand their profile themselves and keep it up to date. This is of course a great opportunity to present yourself in the best possible light at all times.

If the agency also gives you the opportunity to set and change your availability at any time, you are very lucky. Many dubious agencies require the ladies to be available for requests at any time and to accept every request. You should never agree to this. The decision to accept or reject a request is always yours!

The most important thing is: always have fun, be happy about the compliments, the new acquaintances and treat yourself to some nice things from all the money you can earn.


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  1. cute video… Adrienne could only speak a little faster 🙂

    I applied to an agency, they wanted 3000 euros for the photos. Is that normal? I mean good photos are expensive, but not 3000 euros!!!

  2. Some agencies finance the shooting ladies because they assume a long-term cooperation, which of course pays off for everyone.

    In principle, however, there is nothing wrong with an agency paying for the photos. After all, it is a not inconsiderable investment. However, 3000 euros seems unreasonable. What exactly does the agency offer you for this sum?

    1. Hello, thank you. Yes I found 3000 euros also way too much! I would have gotten only the photos for the money and a profile. That was at xxx (NAME REMOVED). Unfortunately, I can not apply to you because I am not a student. How do I find a good agency now? Many sites look funny.

      1. Dear Sissy, please do not mention any agencies by name here. At least not in a negative context. I’ve removed the name.

        How do you find a good agency? Take the test and then listen to your gut. Does the site look cheap? Then that will rub off on the listed escorts as well. If, on the other hand, the agency looks fresh, modern and friendly, then try your luck. You can always cancel.

  3. This depends on a number of factors, including.

    – attractiveness and conversational skills of the lady
    – time availability
    – willingness to travel
    – local competition

    A serious estimate can only be made when these boundary conditions are known.

  4. Hello, unfortunately I failed the test. Can I retake the test or is that not possible? I actually wanted to choose a different answer, but I clicked the wrong way.

    1. Hi Mina, you can of course simply repeat the test if you just clicked the wrong way. You may have to reset your cache or delete the cookies first.

  5. Dear team of Escort Werden. I had already once an escort to a ski vacation. I have also escorted a manager twice right after I graduated from high school. I believe that I am very good at seducing men and making them feel good.

    Now I don’t know if it is possible for me to perform high class escort escorts exclusively and not accept shorter meetings? Short trips would also be fine, but I would rather leave out all these hotel visits. The earnings are simply not that good. Do you think this is possible and which agency should I apply to? I’ll be honest, the most important thing for me in this whole thing is a salary as high as possible.

    This side job should allow me to fully concentrate on my actual job as a book author. I dream of becoming a well-known author one day. But I just can’t do that if I have to do a normal boring job that just inspires me zero. Well, looking forward to your opinions on the whole thing! Love greetings, realbeauty (hopefully my nick doesn’t sound too arrogant 🙂 )

    1. Dear realbeauty, thank you very much for your detailed presentation. What we can say about it: Becoming an escort and offering regular or even exclusive travel companionship are two completely different pairs of shoes. Of course, the decision on what you want to focus on is yours alone. You can of course exclude hotel visits per se with a reputable agency.

      Especially in the metropolises like Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt etc. most of the requests are for hotel visits. This means that if you limit yourself exclusively to travel companionship, you will deprive yourself of a large part of your requests.

      Furthermore, keep in mind that most customers do not book a travel companion “just like that”. This is usually preceded by longer considerations. In particular, of course, several shorter dates precede. Because the gentlemen want to make sure that it really fits. Whether it says High Class Escort on the profile or whatever. All this is still no guarantee that you really have a good chemistry.

      So, do what you think is right for you. However, you could easily end up in a situation where you are left without clients if you don’t already have your own tribe to fall back on.

    1. What is not serious about that? This at least ensures that you have control over your profile at all times and that no one can change your details just like that. Make sure to check and update your data at least once every 6 months. This is also good for your credibility! Good luck

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